Ekrin Athletics B37 massage gun including travel case and four attachments and five speeds for muscle massage benefits
Ekrin Athletics B37 massage gun including travel case and four attachments and five speeds for muscle massage benefits
Ekrin B37 offers massage for sports performance with its ergonomic design, long battery life, and quiet technology for fast muscle recovery
Ekrin B37 handheld percussive devise used for athlete massage and deep tissue chest massage
The Ekrin B37 offers 5 speeds that help with pre workout massage or post sports massage
Ekrin B37 has four attachments including the fork attachment which provides deep tissue massage for lower back pain and hard back massage
The B37 has an ergonomic handle that allows you to reach 90% of the body and multiple deep tissue techniques
The B37 Percussion Massager has an angled handle for full body reach to help you get the best massage for sports performance
The B37 Percussion Massager by Ekrin Athletics offers many muscle massage benefits including deep tissue massage for lower back pain

B37 Percussion Massager


Percussive therapy is deep muscle treatment like you've never felt before. Only a few moments with the B37 Percussion Massager and you'll start to feel better, move better, and recover faster.


•Ergonomic Design
•Powerful, Yet Quiet
•5 Speeds, 4 Attachments
•Long Lasting Battery
•Travel Friendly
•Premium Materials and Quality

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Ergonomic Design

Unique 15° angle handle allows you to reach those hard to get areas.

5 Speeds

Choose the speed that's right for you - up to 3200 strokes per minute (RPM).

Long Lasting Battery

Rechargeable Samsung Lithium-ion battery with up to 8 Hours run time.

Ultra Quiet Tech

Go anywhere without disturbing others.  Quiet without sacrificing power.

4 Attachments

Round, Spinal, Bullet, and Flat heads for targeted massage.

Premium Materials

Soft-touch materials and premium fit and finish for supreme comfort & grip.

Travel Friendly

Convenient travel case and lightweight design for ultimate portability.

Intense Power

Powerful brushless motor delivers up to 56lbs. of force for deep massage.

What's Included:

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1x Ekrin B37 Percussion Massage Gun

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4x Massage Heads

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1x Travel Case
1x Charging Adapter


Lifetime warranty for Ekrin Athletics B37



It only takes 30 seconds per muscle group to improve strength, coordination, flexibility, and performance.  During intense training sessions, your muscle tissue brakes down.  Help your muscles recover quicker with deep massage treatment from the Ekrin B37.

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